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Maudaha is a prominent city and one of the talukas situated in the Hamirpur district of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Geographically, the town is located between 25.68° North latitude and 80.12° East longitude at an average elevation of 120 metres (393 feet) above mean sea level. The nearest railway station is the Ichauli Railway Station at a distance of 18 kms and the nearest airport is the Civil Airport Khajuraho.

As per the Indian Census report of 2001, Maudaha had a population of 34, 417. Males account for 53% of the population and females comprises of the remaining 47%. In Maudaha, 16% of the population is less than six years of age. The average literacy rate of Maudaha is 61%, which is slightly higher than the national average literacy rate, which is 59.5%. To be specific, the male literacy rate is 69% and the female literacy rate is 51%. Maudaha situated on the Kanpur-Sagar road has a fertile soil, which favours the cultivation of crops. The two rivers flowing through the town are Ken and the Birma. Maudaha Dam, which is built across the Birma River, is an important landmark. Ali Bahadur, the former ruler of Banda erected a stone fort here.

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